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WhatsApp update: Meta introduces AI Chatbot on messaging app; Here's how you can use it

Meta has finally launched its AI chatbot on WhatsApp, integrating AI directly into users' messaging experience. However, unlike regular WhatsApp conversations, interactions with Meta AI are not end-to-end encrypted as they are used for AI training.

WhatsApp update: Meta introduces AI Chatbot on messaging app; Here's how you can use it gcw
First Published Apr 19, 2024, 5:22 PM IST

With the official release of Meta's AI assistant on WhatsApp, users can now seamlessly incorporate AI into their chat experiences. The new Meta AI is now only accessible in a few countries—including India—and is only available in English. It gives users the option to communicate, search for information, and receive suggestions all within WhatsApp.

Similar to Google's Gemini, Microsoft's Copilot, and OpenAI's ChatGPT, WhatsApp's Meta AI feature provides a range of AI functionalities, such as topic-specific question answering, text and picture generation, language translation, and idea generation. In private or public discussions, users may engage with Meta AI through group chats to ask questions, get news updates, and even create images by responding to instructions in a special chatbox.

It's crucial to remember that while normal WhatsApp discussions employ end-to-end encryption, questions posed to Meta AI during a conversation are not protected. This is because, in order to train its AI, Meta uses user data and instructions.

"Meta AI is limited to reading and responding to inquiries that specifically reference @Meta AI. Your private conversations and communications are still end-to-end encrypted, so neither Meta nor WhatsApp can see or hear them," according to Meta.

Do you have Meta AI chatbot?

Meta is progressively introducing Meta AI to WhatsApp. First, upgrade WhatsApp to the most recent version that is available through the Play Store or App Store to see if you have gotten the update. After updating, look for a new circular purple-blue circle symbol at the WhatsApp chat's top. The symbol may be seen in WhatsApp's upper right corner, next to the camera icon, for iOS users.

When the Meta AI icon appears, touch it, agree to the terms, and your WhatsApp Meta AI chatbot will launch. You may converse, ask Meta AI questions, and even use prompts to create graphics using this chatbot. Additionally, Meta AI is available in WhatsApp group and private chats.

How to use AI chatbot on WhatsApp?

  • Open the WhatsApp group or conversation that you want to utilize AI in.
  • Toggle between typing "@" and selecting "Meta AI."
  • Read the conditions and agree to them if asked.
  • Type the prompt in. Similar to how you use prompts in DALL-E or Copilot, you may input commands for visuals, such as "Generate an image of a flying pig."
  • Click "Send." The chat window will show the AI's response.
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