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Your web browser knows everything about you

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  • BEWARE! Your digital life is being tracked second by second
what your web browser knows about you


It is like your every move is being watched. Don’t believe us? Try this experiment  CLICK.


We usually tend to delete our search history in case you don’t want your parents or your better half to know what you are upto in the virtual world, but now it’s just not a matter of privacy, it is a matter of security as well.


The link will show you how your digital life is being shared, processed and used to target you in a number of ways.  I tried the experiment and it pretty much shocked me as to how my browsing patterns was serving as fodder for so many companies worldwide. Try it once more after half an hour of spending on the Internet. The results will make you think. 


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Imagine you were talking to your friend on polka dot dresses over the phone or via messaging and few minutes after the conversation you receive a message or the website you are browsing shows a link on where to get polka dot dresses! Now is that a coincidence or a calculated advertisement? How did they know what you were discussing, despite so-called encryption?


Did you know? Your web browser can detect your location (not a difficult feat these days), the configuration and computer you are using, how you use your cursor, what are you looking at and your browsing habits –incognito window or  new window launched.


Digital India is the latest proclamation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi the instigator of demonetisation in our country. But, have you wondered how our digital lives can be quite problematic for us?


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