So what will happen to your content and the last purchases? Well, Google has confirmed that it will double down Youtube, and users will be able to watch their content on Youtube, and their past purchases will be available on it.

The company has announced that to purchase more content; users have to rely on Youtube. But, your watchlist won't be available on Youtube; you have to make a new playlist. Apart from past purchases, users can use Google Play Credit Cards but cannot share content with the family via Youtube.

Google said, "Youtube is available on devices that currently support the Google Play Movies & TV app. Content will not be available on LG NetCast and LG SimpleSmart devices. Subject to country availability."

Google has shifted its focus from Movies & TV app to Youtube, which already has a huge user base as its one of the most used video content apps. Youtube has a Premium option too, which makes the user surf content ad-free. So, will we miss Google Play Movies & TV, well not sure!