Google Assitant can do a lot of things, including to now sing a song. The voice assistant is very impressive as it can communicate in various languages, even in English (India). This time Google Assistant has come up with a new year song, which is way too weird but just like a robot will sing for you.

2020 has been very strange, disastrous and challenging for us, so now if a robot sings Happy New Year to us, it won't feel that strange. This song just tops it off.

Google announced the new singing feature of Googe Assistant on Twitter. You will regret it after listening to it because the song goes from motivational to promotional of Google features, with weird lyrics and cringy musicality. 

If you use Android phones, then you will see a circular object is dancing to that song. All will seem weird, but 2020 has been weird too, so it's just apt.

Google Assitant has improved from earlier, and it's now one of the best voice assistants. Recently Google has launched a Google Nest Audio combining Google assistant under Rs 10,000.