Selfies have become such a fad that phone companies have been bust churning out selfie-centric phones. We’ve also seen its darker side of the craze in India.

We also saw accessories like selfie sticks that let you take some cool selfies. Now, this new product dubbed Selfiefeet lets you take selfies, and as the name goes, you can take them using your feet. Yes, this is a real product selling at Rs $24.99 that translates to roughly Rs 1600. You can buy it here.

Here's how you can use the Selfiefeet. Users need to connect their phone to the camera remote. And then put the elastic band around their shoe.

You need to then clamp your phone in the place and get ready to shoot. Selfiefeet can be worn on wrists and also comes with a magnet holder to attach it to metal.

Watch the complete video below: