While some students prefer not to work while studying, there are a few students who are balancing work-life with academics. There are various reasons like being financially dependent and learning new skills at a very tender age. Rohit Tayade, a third-year student of mechanical engineering is an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams. Like everyone, even he is hooked to social media, not to chat with friends but to learn new skills online. 

Gone are the days when the students focused on studies to get jobs in big companies. Nowadays the young minds are working part-time to work independently rather than working under someone. That’s what this talented guy is doing by understanding the latest media trends on social media. He firmly believes that one must be updated on social media to stay ahead in the race as every day there is a new innovation on the internet. 

Being a student, he is also an emerging YouTuber, blogger, social media advisor and a trade advisor. He says, “This is the age to spend time studying as well learning new things. Experience is the best teacher I would say. Books can educate you but practical knowledge can make you skilled. I always knew social media had a bright future. I tried my hands at it and gradually succeeded in it.” 

Besides social media, he got in-depth knowledge about trading in the stock market from his father and his uncle. “Gaining knowledge does not cost anything. It is a 360-degree process and the skills I learn now will somehow help me in the future”, added Tayade. With a hunger to learn new skills, Rohit Tayade plans to establish himself as a well-known social media personality in future. We hope the young guy continues doing the good work and turns his dream into reality.