The privacy labels of Gmail shows the location, user ID and usage data of the user that are shared with third-party dealers. A few years back, Apple introduced privacy labels to make users understand how much data every app collects and what kind of data they collect.

Now, Google has added the privacy labels on Apple's App Store. Google said that iOS users could control their privacy settings by visiting Google Account or going to Google apps that Apple users use.

For Analytics, Gmail collects Purchase History, Coarse Location, Email Address, Photos or Videos, Audio Data, Other User Content, User ID, Device ID, Usage Data, Search History, Crash Data, Advertising Data, Performance Data and Other Data Types.

There are a few data that Gmail collects to customise your profile. Email Address, Name, Coarse Location, Emails or Text Messages, Audio Data, Photos or Videos, Other User Content, Search History, Device ID, User ID, Usage Data, Advertising Data, Crash Data, Performance Data and Other Data Types.

Right now, 12 Google apps have privacy labels, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Stadia, Google Translate, Google Authenticator, Google Classroom, Google Fiber, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Fiber TV, Wear OS, Onduo for Diabetes, Project Baseline, Google Smart Lock, Motion Stills – GIF, Collage.