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REVEALED! Here's how Google is tackling smartphone theft issue with Android 15

Google has unveiled Android 15, bringing enhanced security measures for users, including advanced theft protection features. These features are designed to protect user data and privacy, with a focus on prevention, detection, and response to theft incidents.

REVEALED Here's how Google is tackling smartphone theft issue with Android 15 gcw
First Published May 17, 2024, 2:13 PM IST

Google has officially released the latest operating system update for mobile users, Android 15. The latest version of Android includes a number of new features aimed at improving the user experience and privacy. One such feature targeted at protecting user privacy is a set of improved theft prevention capabilities designed to strengthen Android device security and secure users' data in the event of a theft attempt.

The new Theft Detection capabilities were created in response to customers' growing reliance on smartphones for a variety of functions such as online banking, storing sensitive data, and preserving cherished memories.

According to Google, the new features will safeguard consumers before, during, and after theft. The availability feature will be accessible to users of Android phones running Android 10+ later this year via Google Play service updates, with certain capabilities exclusive to Android 15.

Google is introducing improved device and data security safeguards to prevent theft attempts before they occur. These enhancements include an enhanced factory reset protection mechanism, making it more difficult for thieves to reset stolen devices and resell them. With this feature, if a device is stolen, it becomes unsellable without the owner's credentials, dramatically lowering theft incentives.

Another important feature is the Private Space function, which is intended to protect critical apps and data from unwanted access. By creating a distinct, safe area within the phone, users will be able to conceal and lock applications holding sensitive information, such as health or financial data, adding an added degree of security against data breaches.

Google is also enforcing tougher authentication requirements for modifying critical device settings, like as turning off Find My Device or increasing screen timeout. This update ensures that even if a thief obtains access to a device, they must utilise the owner's PIN, password, or biometric verification to make substantial modifications, protecting the user's information and privacy.

According to Google, the Theft Detection Lock feature uses advanced AI technology to identify common motions associated with theft, such as snatching the phone from the user's hand and attempting to flee. If such behaviour is detected, the phone screen automatically locks, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive data and enhancing security measures.

Notably, these security enhancements will be rolled out as part of Android 15, with select devices receiving enhanced authentication protections later this year.

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