This news report talks about a scam that has been gripping the Digital India initiative. Online fraudsters pose as tele-callers from mobile service provider wanting to help you link your mobile number, Aadhaar card and your banking account. In the bid to do so, they fool users into giving them the credentials, and siphon money from such unaware users.

In the news report, Subash Babu, Deputy Commander Cyberdrome, has revealed that online fraudsters, in the bid to dupe people, offer them quick way to link their mobile number, Aadhaar card and bank accounts.

They will begin by asking for your Aadhaar card number. And, the sophisticated IVR services would make it look like a genuine call. They will then ask for your account number and other important bank details. Once they get the details, they will generate an OTP. The OTP is received on your phone, and once you provide them the OPT, they will carry out transactions in the 15 minute OTP window.

As we step ahead towards a digital era, malicious minds are looking at more ways to dupe people. Those unaware should know that no bank executive or mobile service provider will call you asking for bank details. It is always recommended that you do not share your OTP with anyone.

They are like the typical credit card scams wherein conmen disguised as bank representatives offer you new cards on the behest of transferring the points or offer you lucrative deals asking you divulge details or make a transaction. With Aadhaar taking the centre-stage in our lives, awareness related to such things should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, it is become mandatory to link your Aadhaar to your PAN card, and not doing so will mean your PAN card is invalid. However, do not entertain any phone calls offering help to do so, and asking you for Aadhaar or bank details. Here are two ways in which you can easily link your PAN card to your Aadhaar card.