This Rs 6400 smartphone is an iPhone X lookalike

First Published 15, Sep 2017, 6:19 PM IST
iPhone X ripoff is here and sells at just Rs 6400
  • GooPhone brings the iPhone X replica, and needless to say, its cheaper.
  • Then there's 8MP dual rear snapper and a 2MP camera on the front.

There are a series of things that follow each year after Apple announces its new iPhones. From kidney jokes to cheaper older iPhone models, we've seen it all after the all-new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were launched. And, now the cheap lookalike from Chinese market is here!

GooPhone has introduced a smartphone that looks exactly like the iPhone x. Those not in the know, the GooPhone brand is known to build replicas of popular phones. So, we weren't surprised to see the GooPhone X.

Apart from the similar design, the GooPhone features a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge HD display, comes powered by MediaTek MTK6580 processor coupled with 1GB RAM and has an internal storage of 16GB.

Looks wise, we are impressed, considering this device is priced at a paltry sum compared to the Rs 89000 and 1lakh upwards pricing that the iPhone X carries. Then there's 8MP dual rear snapper and a 2MP camera on the front.

GizChina report claims that the company has managed to fake a few things such as the display shows 4G LTE support, but in reality it supports only 3G. Then, it says 64GB storage, but comes equipped with only 16GB. However, you can add more storage via expandable memory slot. And, it gets a 3.5mm audio jack. 

It is priced at just $100, which translates to approximately Rs 6400. And, it being sold here