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Google celebrates its 25th birthday; Here's everything you need to know

Technology giant Google has turned 25 years old as a company today, on September 27th. On the occasion of this special event, Google has revealed a new doodle that shows the history of Google logos over the years. Know how it was established and its developments over the years

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First Published Sep 27, 2023, 11:40 AM IST

With a unique Doodle, Google Doodle celebrates its 25th birthday today. Although Google is constantly looking forward, birthdays offer a chance to look back. In honour of this momentous occasion, Google has unveiled a brand-new doodle that displays the evolution of its logo through time and has also included a brand-new confetti easter egg that plays whenever you search for anything birthday-related.

How was Google established?

In the late 1990s, while enrolled in Stanford University's computer science programme, doctoral candidates Sergey Brin and Larry Page became friends. They learned they shared the same goal, which was to make the World Wide Web more accessible.

They both put in a lot of effort from their dorm rooms and created a prototype for a more effective search engine. They moved their operations to Google's initial workplace, a leased garage, as the project advanced. Google Inc. was officially founded on September 27, 1998.

The Google logo has changed since that day in 1998, as may be seen in today's Doodle. But the goal—to manage the world's knowledge and make sure it is useful and accessible to everyone—has remained unwaveringly the same. Google is now used by billions of people worldwide for a variety of purposes, including searching, connecting, working, and playing. 

Major developments in Google over the years

In the last 25 years, Google has evolved as a business, launching a tonne of fresh initiatives and expanding its search capabilities. For instance, in 2001, the business introduced Google photographs, which also included the ability to discover photographs. In 2001, Google also released the "Did You Mean" function, which asked users to check their spelling.

Google made it simple for users to swiftly translate between languages later in 2006 when it unveiled the Google Translate service. Over 100 languages are now supported by Google Translate, which at first only supported translation between Arabic and English.

Then, in 2008, Google introduced its mobile app for the iPhone and included capabilities like "my location" and "autocomplete." Google Voice, which allowed users to conduct voice searches, was another significant debut in 2008. 

In order to demonstrate its machine learning expertise and its capacity to recognise items and subsequently translate them into search queries, Google created Google Lens in 2017.  With Google Bard and its LLMs like PaLM 2 and the impending Gemini, Google has finally moved its attention to generative AI-powered experiences in 2023.

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