Coming from a non-business background, he faced a lot of challenges of which finances was a major concern in shaping his career. Moonis says, “To achieve something, learning and exploration, mentorship and timeline are the major factors which will directly impact towards success. One should have immense interest along with zeal to attain proper knowledge about a subject to choose a career path.”

After a series of failures, investing all his savings, with just Rs 131 Left in his bank account and a 70,000 negative Credit Card bill, he transformed his business and created multiple Million Dollar eCommerce stores. He Loves eCommerce & Dropshipping so Much that is the first Indian guy to record a Music Video on his eCommerce Journey called Ecom Rap – Moonis Ali.

Moonis says, “Me along with my cousin used to hang boards and posters on the Street Lights during the nights and I use to give part time lectures on digital marketing in the day time which used to fetch me ₹7200 for 8hr lectures for 2 days.”

After facing a lot of rejection by advertisement agencies he started believing that they may be right. He felt, “Probably I don’t belong to this industry. I kept on believing this until one day i got an idea of creating a Facebook Page about my city Bhopal.” Later, he started posting some engaging content on his Facebook page, when his page went pretty viral in his city. 

This gave him an idea ‘Why not make some Money Using Facebook’ but when he told his friends about this they said get real Facebook isn’t meant for earning its for entertainment and dating. He took it as a challenge and decided that no matter what happens but he will try and make some money out of Facebook. Soon, he proved his friends wrong who said its impossible. Second, he was able to generate some easy cash.

After unlocking the success formula for eCommerce Dropshipping he started setting up long term and short term goals. First his goal was to make a Thousand Dollars, after which he wanted to make 100k USD in a month. During just the BlackFriday Sale he generated more than 300k USD in a single week with the knowledge and experience he gained after investing his time and money. He soon started making in millions. Not just that, but he is passionate about guiding others to make millions with his mentoring support. Moonis currently helps 1000s of students across India. 

A lot of youngsters reach out to him, mentioning that they don’t have money to start an E-com businesses. He adds, “The only message I could give you is that, you should never give up on your dreams. Its not money, its not time. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your dream is YOU! Change the mindset and make it happen!”