As Shubha Mangala Sunil, a cyber expert, suggests, "WhatsApp Pink Virus is a unique virus that is being circulated via WhatsApp groups, and it disguises itself as an APK file saying that it is an alternative version for WhatsApp. This new feature will give a new theme. So whenever a victim downloads this new application onto their phone, it will immediately hack your device as well as your WhatsApp account."


This is not the first time that this kind of treacherous activity has happened. As per cyber experts, this malware affects your apps and the device, be it iPhone or laptop or Android smartphones.

Shubha further added, "This virus promises to give advance features of WhatsApp and people who are fascinated about the colour and everything they are downloading this APK file only to fall into the trap. Once they have done it, they are losing their data, photos, videos and many more. However, till today nobody has monitored the activity of the virus, but most of the cybersecurity experts are in the process to detect how this virus will act. These are designed by the cybercriminals, so it will work well for them, and we are not sure it is single or multiple viruses that are getting spread."


So how to detect this virus? Shubha says, "It's malware, and the hackers are using social media networks to circulate this virus, saying that this a new feature, very fascinating and beautifully decorated update in an APK file targetting WhatsApp users only."

Shubha showed a way to get rid of the virus. She said that WhatsApp hasn't officially announced rolling out any new feature of changing the colour, so why trust them? And even if you have anti-bodies in your device, this virus is strong enough to surpass it. So, she said to keep ears and eyes open and watch out for what is real and what is fraud. 

So, beware of this WhatsApp pink virus.