The company, in the most recent move, has asked its senior vice president Amit Singhal to step down for failing to reveal the sexual harassment allegation made against him at former employer Google.


Singhal was a senior vice president of search and resigned from Google last year in February. It was touted to be a retirement, but within a year he joined Uber.


Uber learnt about the sexual harassment through a Re/code reporter and not through background checks. However, Uber claims that they've done extensive background checks 


Singhal wrote to Bloomberg, "Harassment is unacceptable in any setting. I certainly want everyone to know that I do not condone and have not committed such behaviour. In my 20-year career, I’ve never been accused of anything like this before, and the decision to leave Google was my own.”


It was just recently that Susan Fowler, wrote about her experience claiming sexual harassment by managers, and how the act was merely dismissed on complaining to the HR. Fowler left Uber in December and has joined Stripe as an engineer. Her complaints were dismissed on account of it being 'the first' complaint or the boss was 'high-performer'.