The recent event of publicity of the Vizhithiru movie in Chennai turned tragic for actress Sai Dhansika as filmmaker-actor-director T Rajender made nasty comments against the actress who left her in tears in a public event.

According to TR as he is called popularly, Dhansika lacked basic stage manners as she did not take his name and thank him for the movie in which she is the lead actress, and he has appeared for a dance number.

Of course, TR is a veteran in Kollywood. But larger than his experience is his ego. With a capacity to speak in the rhym language and make the audience laugh Rajender thinks he can take on anyone.

Surprisingly as he went on insulting Sai Dhansika despite her apologies and clarifications, other actors sitting on the couch were clapping for TR and laughing over his 'comedy' which was nothing but insulting their co-actress.

Here is the video of Rajender treating Dhansika badly on stage:

Throughout the speech, TR went on praising himself and spoke about how he was voted genuine by the ABP viewers. After every incident of praising himself, he would look at Dhansika and say that she does not have stage manners and doesn't know to respect others.

At one point when she stood up to apologise, he asked her to sit rudely. Not ready to listen to her saying that she was not good at speeches and was nervous and that is the only reason she might have forgotten to mention his name, TR went on attacking the actress.

Dhansika tried her best to look calm and take it sportively but at last tears broke out, and she had to budge to the ego of Rajender. TR even did not think twice before saying that insulting Dhansika will be good publicity to the movie.

Mr TR, is making a girl cry on the stage, speak lowly of women the best stage manners you can show on the stage? Though Dhansika's insensitive co-actors found TR's gyan funny... it has not gone down well with many sensitive people. Here is what they have to say: