5 reasons why Rajinikanth would make a better CM than Kamal Haasan

First Published 25, Sep 2017, 12:54 PM IST
5 reasons why Rajinikanth would make a better CM than Kamal Haasan
  • Rajinikanth's is popular both on screen and off screen.
  • He does not resort to social media for interacting with his fans, but meets them publicly.
  • He is a true representative of the mass since he has grown his way to the top.

Tension surrounding Kamal Haasan's declaration of joining the AAP is already there. However, the comment that followed after his announcement heated up the environment even more. When he declared that he was ready to take up the 'crown of thorns'(meaning the CMship of Tamil Nadu), it became a thing of contention. 

In fact, Haasan was pretty vocal about his aspirations to be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu when he said "entering politics would be like donning a crown of thorns". However, given the non-vocal and rather humble behaviour of Rajinikanth, it needs a second thought as to whether Haasan would really make for an efficient CM or would it be Thalaivar winning people's hearts. However, there are many reasons to believe that Rajinikanth would lead the CM race:

Rajini represents the mass, Kamal Haasan represents the class

Rajinikanth has been there and seen it all. He worked as a conductor in Mumbai and has seen poverty closely. That is exactly what keeps him grounded and connected to the people. 

Rajinikanth, unlike Kamal, had to struggle his way to the top, overcoming poverty. Kamal Haasan, however, did not have a background of struggle. He also had a politically-inclined family, although his father was a lawyer. Rajinikanth, therefore is expected to relate to the poor people's woes more easily than superhero Kamal Haasan. 

Kamal Haasan may be eloquent in his speeches, but the mass hangs on to Thalaivar's every word when he speaks.  

Twitter versus public address

The two public addresses that Rajinikanth organised with his fans to announce his intentions of joining politics were seen as a people to people interaction. Whereas, Kamal Haasan is more active on Twitter and does not have public approach like that of Rajinikanth. It is to be noted that the general mass is not that active on Twitter, which gives Kamal Haasan a restricted access to the public. Whereas Rajinikanth had invited all his fans to meet and ask him questions about his political interests. He answered them directly.

Being outspoken is good, but not in politics

Kamal Haasan has been criticising Tamil Nadu politics vehemently. He did not leave any scope of lambasting politicians and their political mannerisms. This, of course has not been taken gracefully by the lawmakers. Agreed, he displayed courage and character in taking on the AIADMK government, accusing the government of harboring "corruption in every department". He also asked the people to post complaints on corruption, to ask uncomfortable questions, and taking the ruling establishment to task.

Politics is all about diplomatic approach, but Kamal Haasan has been the Kejrwial of South who has been calling spade a spade. Rajinikanth, on the contrary seems to be a more acceptable figure, even if he is allegedl saffron-inclined. He has been a distant spectator and has approached politics from a third-person point of view. His mannerisms are more subtle and more acceptable to the people. 

Rajinikanth is more popular than Kamal Haasan

It is to be noted that Rajinikanth has 630,000 fans in Tamil Nadu, apart from international fans in Japan after his film "Muthu" got dubbed in Japanese. While Rajinikanth is known for his style statement, Kamal Haasan is known for his unconventional acting, which is well received by the intelligentsia. 

Rajinikanth's popularity in Tamil Nadu is tested

Recall the 1996 Tamil Nadu elections when the DMK swept the polls after the superstar was quoted as saying "even God cannot save Tamil Nadu if Amma came back". Now, Rajinikanth evidently shares the spiritual ideologies of the BJP, which attracts the mass. However, Kamal Haasan is an atheist and a rationalist, a concept that the mass does not relate to.