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Guruvayur-Utthana Ekadashi 2023: Know date, ritual, significance and more

Observing Ekadashi is a significant practice in Hinduism, and it is often associated with fasting and spiritual activities. Devotees believe that observing Ekadashi vrata (fasting) helps in purifying the mind and body, and it is considered auspicious for spiritual growth. The Dev-Utthana Ekadashi and Kerala's Guruvayur Ekadashi falls on November 23 this year.

Guruvayur-Utthana Ekadashi 2023: Know date, ritual, significance and more anr
First Published Nov 22, 2023, 7:00 AM IST

Utthana Ekadashi is also known as Devutthani Ekadashi, Prabodhani and Haribodhani Ekadashi. It is the second Ekadashi of the holy month of Kartik, falling in the shukla paksha (bright fortnight). It is said that during the four-month-long Chaturmasya era, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep in Kshirasagar starting on Ashadha Shukla Ekadashi. The Lord then wakes up on the day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. The Skanda Purana has the account of Utthana Ekadashi during a discussion between Lord Brahma and his son, the renowned sage Narada.


This year the Utthana Ekadashi falls on November 23. 


By keeping this Ekadashi, you will get many times more virtue than you would by doing a hundred Rajasuya or a thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas. Taking place in the bright fortnight of Kartika, this Ekadashi is significantly more purifying than a dip in a lake or the ocean at a pilgrimage site. On Ekadashi, a person's previous birth's sins are eliminated if they eat once at midday, their previous two births' sins are eliminated if they eat dinner, and their previous seven births' sins are eliminated if they entirely fast.


Start of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi date - 22 November 2023, 11.03 pm

End of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi date - 23 November 2023, 09.01 pm

Puja time- 06.50 am to 08.09 am

Time of night puja – 05.25 pm to 08.46 pm

Fast breaking time – 06.51 am to 08.57 am (24 November 2023)

Guruvayur Ekadashi:

In Kerala, Vrischika Ekadashi, which occurs during the Mandala season, is referred to as Guruvayur Ekadashi. Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Guruvayur ekadashi finds its significance at Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple. The Sanctum Sanctorum is only closed on Dwadashi day; on this particular day, the temple does not close.

One of the main events of Ekadashi is the temple's commemoration of elephant Gajarajan Guruvayur Kesavan, who departed for the heavenly abode on this day. All of the other elephants gather around to offer their respects after the Karanavar, or head of the elephant family, sets a wreath at the statue of Kesavan in front of the Sreevalsam guest house.

On the day of Ekadashi, people fast, meditate, and recite Lord Krishna's prayers in addition to abstaining from grains and spices. People who engage in spiritual pursuits cleanse their bodies and minds. On Dwadashi day, the fast is broken within a specific window of time (parana).

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