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Kannada actor Yash to provide water to 50 drought-hit villages

Yash adopts 50 drought-hit Karnataka villages
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India has been facing the highest temperatures ever this summer resulting in the most severe drought the country has seen in a long while. Villagers and farmers in India are the worst affected, with many children dying due to water scarcity and hundreds of farmers across the country resorting to suicide due to agrarian reasons.

Moved by the plight of these villagers, Kannada actor Yash plans to provide drinking water to 50 villages, through his foundation the YashoMarga. Water will be delivered in 25 village of Kalaburgi and 25 villages of Vijayapur, every alternative day. The foundation has already begun providing water in Kalaburgi.



In an interview with Suvarna news, Yash elaborates on his plan to help the drought-hit northern villages of Karnataka


What prompted you to take up this mission?


Every human wishes to extend a helping hand when people in their state are facing a problem as severe water shortage. I felt bad when I was apprised of the scarcity of drinking water in parched villages; water is a basic necessity for all life forms. I heard that the state has never before faced this severe a draught. It is not my prerogative alone; I think everybody should join hands in this mission.


What are your plans to continue this mission?


Addressing an issue like water scarcity requires a systematic approach; hence, I planned and established the YashoMarga foundation to help me in this endeavour.


How did you notify these villages?


We formed a team and conducted some research before narrowing in of these 50 villages. Water has already been provided in 10 villages. Within the next 10 days, I will try to supply water to all the 50 villages. We have been planning for this mission for the last 15-20 days.


Are village panchayats supporting your mission? 


Yes, everybody is cooperating with us. There are volunteers in all these villages. I can only contribute to the mission within my limited means. I know much more work and funds will be required. If other people like me come forward, a lot of the problem can be resolved.


How do you supply water?


We employed borrow tankers and identified some good bore wells located within a 10-kilometre radius of these villages. So we provide water from door to door. In every village, people will wait for our tankers. Some borewell owners supply water free of cost while some others charge a nominal amount. We even test the water for portability before it is supplied it to villagers.


Do you a message for your peers in the industry?


My intention is not to drive home a message to anyone. I have undertaken this mission for my own satisfaction and for the benefit of the needy. I am not living under the illusion that I am bringing about a radical change.


Are you satisfied?

No, I am not satisfied yet. There are more than 4,000 draught affected villages but my limits permit me to only help 50 villages. I do plan to extend this contribution to as many villages as I possibly can.


How have your fans reacted to your charity?


It is my fans who are helping me in this venture. My fans are the volunteers of this mission.


Are you planning to visit these villages anytime?


No, I am currently busy with shooting my films. My presence does not really matter for this project. If I go, a mob will gather around and such surprise visits are not the need of the hour. Water should reach the people in need, not me.

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