K Munusamy, MLA from AIADMK has alleged that the party leaders are being sidelined by Secretary of the party V Sasikala. He slammed Sasikala’s brother who alleged that the Mannargudi was saving the state from evil forces. Sasikala’s brother V Divakaran, during the Pongal speech at Mannargudi village, said, “Only Sasikala and her family members were instrumental in protecting the party from evil forces.”


Munusamy, who was also a former minister in Jayalalithaa’s Cabinet and was a close aide of her expressed anger about the speech made by Divakaran. Going by Divakaran’s speech, Sasikala’s family members are the Mannargudi gang, which was thrown out of Poes Garden by Jayalalithaa in 2011.


Currently, Sasikala’s growing closeness to her family has become a reason of worry to the leaders of AIADMK. The Chinnamma had proved that she had not severed her ties with her family as her entire family, including her husband Natarajan were surrounding Jayalalithaa’s body, just before the final rites. It can be noted that Sasikala with her husband and the Mannargudi gang was thrown out of the party and her residence in 2011. Sasikala was accepted by Jayalalithaa after she gave her a public apology letter, stating that she has severed all ties with her family, including her husband, Natarajan.


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Now, after over a month of Jayalalithaa’s mysterious demise, her close aide Sasikala has taken the reins of AIADMK. But, it looks like Sasikala does not enjoy the support of all party leaders, especially of those who were close to Jayalalithaa.


The rumours about Jayalalithaa’s death and no satisfactory clarification given by hospital or Sasikaka, who was with Amma, throughout her stay in hospital has angered some leaders in the party. But it chose to appoint Sasikala as the party chief as the DMK was trying to encash upon the fact that AIADMK had no one to lead the party. In addition, BJP was also trying to create a rift between the party members.



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Thus to keep the party in place, the AIADMK, which lacked second tier leaders, agreed upon appointing Sasikala to lead them, despite differences of opinion. However, now with Manusamy coming out in the open about Sasikala and her way of working, it looks like there is going to be dissidence in the party if Mannargudi gang tries to interfere into the matter of the party.


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