On May Day, Kerala government decided to take off the gawking charge system from the state to put an end to Nokkukooli extortion practice. They said there will be strict punishment in place for those who disobey this rule, and the culprit won't even get bail.


Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) workers disobeyed this rule by asking gawking charges in Palakkad. The workers demanded Rs10,000 to lift the generator. After negotiations, the money was reduced to Rs 5,000. 


Workers collected Rs 5,000 before executing the job, and the workers left the place within one hour without doing the work. This incident happened on 21st May. The workers were said to lift the mobile company's generator and place it in another position. 


On 22nd May, when the lorry driver and his friend started shifting the products, CITU workers came and began to argue. After some time, the workers came to know about the punishment, and thus returned the money and escaped.