The natives took into custody a lorry driver, who was allegedly trying to dump the damaged fruits on the road and handed him over to the police. This incident happened in Kollam, Kerala. The driver was apparently trying to discard the damaged fruits on the streets.

Ali, the driver, was reportedly trying to escape after abandoning the waste in the Thenmala area. Ali threw the rotten fruits stacked in 35 boxes. When he saw the locals, Ali decided to escape.

But the natives caught Ali and told him to take the waste back in the 35 boxes, which he brought. Natives claimed that those fruits were partially eaten by animals and were damaged.

Ali's job is to collect rotten fruits from shops and dump them. Residents said that due to the fear of Nipah Virus, when he came to dump the waste, people panicked thinking this waste can spread Nipah virus among them.

Nipah virus has reached more districts in the state, and many are losing their lives day by day. Test results of the patients admitted in Kannur and Kottayam are yet to come. After the results arrive, the state can get a confirmation as to where exactly the virus has reached, and can thus take more necessary action accordingly.