House numbering system in Kerala will soon see a digital change with a centralised bar-coding regime replacing the existing manual numbering system. A GPS based Unique Property Identification (UPI) number makes the new number plates special. 


Until now, the house numbers in the state are given by the respective local self government (LSG) bodies. But with the introduction of the bar-coding, the State LSG Department will take charge of the centralised numbering system.  


The bar code will indicate state, district, taluk, block and panchayat ward in order. The name of the revenue village will also be part of the coding. All shops and business establishments will also have the same system. 


The new digital numbering is expected to make it easy for online transactions and for applying Passport and other official documents. The unique number will help officials to gather data from their desktop. As a first step, one crore number plates will be issued in the state. The quality of the number plates is now being tested at Centre for Bio-polymer Science and Technology, Kochi.