A woman was riding on her two-wheeler on the Nandirudga Road and some unattended loose wires made her bike to topple. In this process she not only lost a tooth but also has suffered severe injuries on her face and currently she is under treatment. Benagluru streets are plagued by these unattended cable wires and these wires are causing uncalled for accidents across the city.


“Sameena was riding slowing, at no more than 25 kmph; this is why she is not grievously injured. The leftover wires were rolled up and kept on the trees. For some reason, the wires were cut and fell on the street. This could have been a fatal accident had Sameena not been wearing a helmet,” the victim’s father was quoted as saying by The Times of India.


Raj Bhavan Road, Mallya Road and Magrath Road also have such unattended cables. These spots are extremely dangerous and can lead to severe accidents. Earlier this year, several residents of Whitefield had also complained about such unattended wires on the streets. The telecom companies and internet service providers leave these wires unattended even after their work is done.  


“She has been advised not to speak; her injuries make it difficult for her to open her mouth. She's on a liquid diet. Internet service providers keep extra wires on trees, which can be easily cut and made short. It was their carelessness that caused this accident. I hope this will serve as a lesson for them,” the father added.   


The above-mentioned accident should work as an eye opener for these service providers and telecom companies who could strive to be more careful when it comes to public safety.