Now that is name has become national news thanks to allegations that his diary records a multi-crore kick-bag to the Congress party high command, Asianet Newsable reached out to MLC Govindraju for his side of the story.

"I have told that there is no connection between me and the diary the IT officials have. The subject is immaterial now as the diary which Yeddyurappa and others say talks about amounts paid to the Congress high command does not belong to me," he said.

The diary was allegedly seized by the IT Department in a raid back in 2016. Then, several Congress leaders' homes, including MLC Govindraju's house in Indiranagar was raided. 

BJP Karnataka President Yeddyurappa, who is hoping to capture the CM's throne in 2018, has charged that the diary seized by the IT department from the MLA's house names top congress leaders who have got crores of rupees from the Karnataka Congress.

When Govindraju was questioned about the amounts mentioned in the diary, he stressed that "It is a ploy to destabilise the government by making baseless allegations. When I have already given a statement before the IT sleuth saying I have no diary and there is no connection between me and any diary, there is no point in attributing the dairy to me,"

Interestingly, the abbreviation of Karnataka Bengaluru Development Minister KJ George (KBJ) was also mentioned in the diary. He allegedly got Rs 65 crore, and it is claimed that the money was for his approval to the controversial steel bridge project.

The MLC's is usually very jovial and very much approachable. But he his mobile is 'not reachable' nowadays. He said that endless calls put him under stress. As a result, he has switched off his phone.