After the hustle, bustle and qualms ensuing Karnataka elections, the NATAKAS reined the podium of Karnataka politics without a clue on who will rule the state. Lo and behold arise the predictor none other than Swami Bhadraanand, who without a second thought foretold the coming Ruler of Karnataka!


‘All eyes rolled’ on the startling prediction which astounded the state and of course the media ran gala news and the first to report was Kannada based SUVARNA NEWS. The other Medias followed the trail and cast this as special news showing the rise of a predictor in the south. Since Swami Bhadraanand is from Kerala, the Kerala media took up the news and made a festivity of it in all sense. The irony ensuing is that these media outlets earlier condemned, rebuked and criticized the predictions as groundless and untenable.


Want to know what were the predictions? Yes, it was unfathomable for the ordinary to digest the news. Swami Bhadraanand predicted that the former Prime Minister and JD(S) leader, H.D. Deve Gowda’s son would adorn the CM position of Karnataka. Surprising and abysmal was the prediction. That was what made Swami Bhadraanand the extraordinary in the Ordinary. All these unraveled as the results of the elections were floating in the air over the past few weeks. “U doesn’t know what life bring in for you” was Swami’s comment in a silent demeanor.


All said and done, a matter to be critically probed was that these predictions were made when there were zero chances for the party of former PM to stand a chance of victory. However, the reporter who put up these predictions was severely reprehended and ridiculed, when BJP leader B.S. Yeddyurappa was sworn in and formed the government. Swami was a laughing pot and all mocked him to be a Pseudo Swami. The turn of events happened in an instant and within the flickering of an eye BS Yedurappa walked out, and H.D Kumaraswamy walked in as the predictions of Swami Bhadraanand materialized. A LEGEND WAS BORN, Swami Bhadraanand.



Now where is the Legend, the Predictor, the Unsung Hero of Karnataka? All Eyes Are In Search Of Him. 


Another issue to be gravely taken to heart by the new CM HD Kumaraswamy is that, according to Swami Bhadraanand, Kamarswami’s AURA is weak due to the influence of the Dragon head and if parihara or karmas to alleviate this negative sway of the aura is not sort, then the status, power and pecuniary gained by Kumaraswamy can be forfeited and the remedy is to necessitate speedy action to curb the negative effects.


Swami Bhadraanand sees all his fellow beings as one. He was disheartened that B.S. Yeddyurappa who could not maintain his CM position lacked good advice from his group and peers which literally led to his exit from the post of CM of Karnataka and also from the Legislative Assembly. If the negative forces hindering his progress are negated he would get back his power and position asserts Swami Bhadraanand. 


The sixth sense activated in Swami gifts him the power to see the future, way away from the mortal beings surrounding him who cannot peer on what is on the way till it has happened. He was adorned as the “Raja Guru ‘by the King of Travancore Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma for settling some serious issues pertaining to the working group of the Travancore regime. Swami is a crowd catcher, and as a consequence is always a highlight in the media, mostly through his startling and astounding predictions. To name a few, Tsunami warning, controversy related to BJP President Amit Shah’s son, former Kerala CM Oommen Chandy’s solar scandal, unexpected demise of former Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa, Mumbai terrorist attack, and unexpected downfall of actor Dileep.


An ardent Sanadhana dharma preacher, overall a social worker Swami does not limit himself to these virtues only, along with his prediction, he lives for the fellow beings around him. Fights for their justice, revolt against antisocial and corrupts and a saviour for many destitute.  The most important obsession he has is “FEED THE POOR”.    This Shiva Yogi Swami Bhadraanand has a legend of being a Chanakya when and where it calls for.


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