The conflict between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa had created a storm not only in BJP but also in the state politics. Now Amit Shah, Party’s national president has given a conclusion to this conflict, which has satisfied both the leaders.


The meeting was held at the resident of Shah in Delhi on January 27, Friday evening. Mukund, senior RSS leader also was present in the meeting.


Here are points of the verdict of the national president:


  • No BJP leader, including KS Eshwarappa, is going to participate in any function or activity of ‘Sangolli Rayanna Brigade’.
  • Eshwarappa is going to head the OBC Morcha of BJP.
  • The party keeps distance with Sangolli Rayanna brigade, however the name of Sangolli Rayanna will be retained for OBC Morcha.
  • BJP itself, in the name of freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna, is going to hold state wide meetings and programs of BJP Morcha, in which both the leaders are going to participate.
  • A committee headed by Muralidhar Rao, BJP national general secretary, to be constituted to examine the complaints. The committee will also look into the suspension of party leaders who were punished for associating themselves with Rayanna Brigade. The committee is likely to submit its report on February 10.


Sources also say that Shah advised the state leaders that the internal conflict would damage the reputation of the party in the state, which would be an advantage to other parties.


State BJP leaders and Ramlal,  Muralidhar Rao, Mukund and other RSS leaders were present in the meeting.