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Unbelievable! Thanks to AI, people could 'live on' after death as early as 2050; expert explains how

People will be able to ‘live on’ after death thanks to powerful AI technology, a computer expert has claimed. The loved ones who pass away will continue to exist in a digital form thanks to Artificial Intelligence ‘capturing’ their looks and personality.

Unbelievable Thanks to AI people could live on after death as early as 2050 expert explains how gcw
First Published Apr 2, 2023, 5:47 PM IST

Powerful AI technology will enable people to "live on" after passing away, according to a computer specialist. According to Dr. Ali, who is the department head for business and computing at Ravensbourne University, people may one day be able to submit a "digital twin" of themselves.

According to Dr. Ajaz Ali, artificial intelligence will enable loved ones who pass away to continue to live in a digital form by "capturing" their likeness and demeanour. Using recordings, analysis of the living person's digital trace, and tools like motion capture and pictures for their visible appearance, the "twin" will be extracted from the living person.

This doppelganger would then be able to "live on" after passing away, enabling grieving family members to communicate with their deceased loved one. Dr. Ali stated: "Our awareness, knowledge, and experiences will be transmitted to our digital twins by combining AI with digital technologies and motion capture tools."

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The computer expert claimed that the technology, which might be available as early as 2050, would be transformative in an interview with the Mail.

People will be able to engage with these digital twins in real time and gain information from them using NLP-based tools that are significantly more sophisticated than ChatGPT and Bard, he continued.

The leader in online shopping, Amazon, has already shown off a feature that would let its Alexa smart speaker address customers in the voice of a deceased relative.

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