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Big Eyes Coin's Presale End: A Catalyst for Caged Beasts Explosion? A Glimpse at DAI's Role

This article explores the similarities and differences between Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts and explains Dai, a stablecoin with immense potential.

Big Eyes Coin's Presale End: A Catalyst for Caged Beasts Explosion? A Glimpse at DAI's Role
First Published Jun 5, 2023, 5:27 PM IST

In the thriving landscape of meme coins in 2023, two prominent contenders that have caught the attention of investors and enthusiasts are Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Caged Beasts (BEASTS). These two cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts, showcase the remarkable innovation and potential that meme coins bring to the cryptocurrency industry, drawing significant interest from various investors.

Additionally, DAI, a stablecoin with immense potential, is a representative example of the broader altcoin market discussed in this article, underscoring its significance and prominence within the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes Coin: Fueling Crypto Excitement, Expanding to Exchanges

Big Eyes Coin ignited unparalleled excitement in the cryptocurrency world, amassing $45 million during its presale spectacular. As the presale cutoff of June 3rd approaches, the team is painstakingly preparing for the much-anticipated launch of $BIG on a reputable centralised exchange (CEX). There is a lot of discussion in the crypto industry regarding future listings on well-known platforms like Binance, Kucoin, and OKX.

Big Eyes Coin's Presale End: A Catalyst for Caged Beasts Explosion? A Glimpse at DAI's Role

Big Eyes Coin's exchange roadmap promises an engaging adventure, unfolding over a dynamic six-month timeframe, with ambitious intentions to conquer several platforms, including, Bitget, BKEX, MEXC, and countless more exciting venues.  

The Power of Caged Beasts: Revolutionizing Liquidity and Referrals in the Cryptocurrency World

Caged Beasts use a fascinating metaphor of "Caged Beasts" to represent the notion of "Caged Liquidity," distinguishing it from other community tokens. Caged Beasts want to go beyond essential liquidity and begin on a critical mission to reform the financial system through decentralisation, freeing individuals from confinement limits.

With an excellent devotion to their purpose, 75% of the money is given to liquidity, adopting a decentralised system at its heart that empowers the community.

Furthermore, BEASTS have cleverly reimagined the notion of referrals. By creating a personalised code and introducing a friend, both parties gain an appealing 20% immediate bonus. Caged Beasts provide an unrivalled investing experience, thanks to a gripping narrative, immersive community meetings, and 75% of the money safely secured for liquidity. 

With 25% funds set aside for promotion, this meme currency is primed to shine brilliantly in the limelight. As a result, you must be watchful, as you want to make sure to take advantage of the grand debut of this extraordinary venture!

Exploring the Contrasts and Common Ground: Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts

Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts, two well-known currencies, have certain commonalities while demonstrating significant distinctions. Both projects have generated a lot of hype and enthusiasm in the crypto world, and both coins provide excellent opportunities for passive income.

They showcase innovative concepts that set them apart from traditional cryptocurrencies. Big Eyes Coin's success lies in its presale, amassing an impressive $45 million. At the same time, Caged Beasts stand out by introducing the metaphor of "Caged Beasts" to represent the notion of "Caged Liquidity" and their mission to reform the financial system. 

However, their approaches differ in terms of their roadmaps and objectives. Big Eyes Coin focuses on conquering multiple platforms through an ambitious exchange roadmap, aiming for listings on renowned platforms. 

On the other hand, Caged Beasts prioritise liquidity and community empowerment, allocating 75% of funds to decentralised liquidity and offering an engaging referral program. These unique characteristics make Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts captivating choices for investors looking to explore the possibilities within the cryptocurrency space.

Early investors in the Big Eyes Coin initiative saw considerable returns, demonstrating the possibility for successful investments. With Caged Beasts still in its early phases, one might argue that investing early in this project has the same profit potential. Taking advantage of BIG's remarkable growth and stage pricing, the message is to embrace the chance and take advantage of the future launch of Big Eyes while also recognising Caged Beasts as the following exciting initiative to examine.

DAI: Pioneering Decentralization and Stability in the World of Cryptocurrencies

DAI, the first decentralised cryptocurrency, is a one-of-a-kind crypto asset that aspires to maintain a constant 1:1 value with the US dollar. It accomplishes this by enclosing other crypto assets within contracts.

Unlike other asset-backed cryptocurrencies that profit-driven enterprises may issue, DAI is the brainchild of open-source software known as the Maker Protocol. This decentralised application operates on the Ethereum blockchain, emphasising its transparent and community-driven nature.

Instead of relying on U.S. dollars held by a specific company as collateral, DAI preserves its value through collateralised debt denominated in ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. This approach ensures the stability and integrity of DAI as a decentralised and collateral-backed digital currency.

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