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Mosquito menace: Three reasons why these insects are attracted to humans

While mosquitoes bite humans for blood, there are various reasons why the insects are attracted to them

Mosquito menace: Three reasons why these insects are attracted to humans
Bengaluru, First Published Jul 22, 2019, 5:42 PM IST

While getting bitten by a mosquito is nothing new, during times when mosquito-borne diseases are widespread, everyone will want to be extra cautious. Moreover, haven’t you ever wondered why mosquitoes are attracted to human beings? Of course, the blood. But what else?

Here are three reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to humans:

1. Blood

Female mosquitoes feed on humans to provide nutrients to their eggs. People who have Type ‘O’ blood group are prone to mosquito bites than people with Type ‘A’ blood group. People belonging to Type ‘B’ blood group belong to the segment in between the extremes.

2. Breath

Female mosquitoes have long antennae and olfactory organs called palpa. The olfactory organs help them detect the odour of carbon dioxide (CO2) which we release every time we exhale. High concentrations of CO2 released by a person, which can be detected by mosquitoes from 150 feet away, can attract mosquitoes.

3. Body odour

Certain odours released via perspiration are more likely to attract mosquitoes towards an individual. Substances such as uric acid, lactic acid and ammonia can be released by bacteria that live on human skin. Also, higher the body temperature, higher the amount of sweat. This is the main reason for mosquitoes to be frequently seen around ankles, wrists, feet and hands.

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