The verdict on the MLAs disqualification case today, by the Madras High Court, is out. And the court dissolved the case by freeing all 11 MLAs from disqualification, and more over, securing the AIADMK back into the safe zone, by keeping the majority mark for the party to stay on top of their ruling game, intact.


What could have been a major setback for the OPS-EPS duo, and what may have sent jitters down for the AIADMK party until today, has been resolved. 


The riff that started off after the demise of Tamil Nadu’’s late CM, J Jayalalitha’s, left O Paneerselvam and 10 of his MLAs in sinking sand, after a case of suspension was filed against them, by the DMK whip, Sakkarapani, who clarified that the teams' action to vote against their own party meant that they were breaking the 1986 rules of the Tamil Nadu Legislative. Sakkarapani wrote a writ petition demanding the suspension of the 11 MLAs, including O Paneerselvam, keeping in mind that if the suspension had been implemented, the AIADMK would wither away, without having the magic number for the majority.


The possibilities of what may have happened if the decision of the court was otherwise, was already spelled out, with TTV Dhinakaran and the likes, carrying the upper hand until today.The verdict now twists things around a bit, as the AIADMK is no more in a weak spot, reducing the chances of a speculated merger between the OPS-EPS stronghold and TTV Dhinakaran's Camp. 


However, the merger can still be in the books, as TTV Dhinakaran has been rigorously growing his party, which can turn into a threat for the ruling party, in the long run. If the plan of AIADMK would be to avoid this threat, a merger would be what they opt for, but it will only remain a speculation until the party decides to turn it into reality.