Bengaluru: The dates for Lok Sabha elections have been announced. Many people in the city still do not have voter IDs. Here is a last chance to register your name in the voters' list.

For the people of Bengaluru, March 16 is the last date to register your names to cast your vote in this Lok Sabha elections.

According to rules, one cannot add their name in the voters list after the nomination of candidates is over. In fact, last day for registration is ten days before the last date to file nomination.

In Bengaluru, last date for the candidates to file nomination is March 26. Thus, March 16 is the last date for new voters to register their names.

If you have already registered and want to know if your name is in the electoral list, log on to, search for the EPIC number on your election ID card  (three alphabets in capital letters and seven digits on top of the ID card).

Enter the number in the box given in the website and you can find your name.

In case you do not have the voter ID card, you can type out your name in the specified box and search if your name appears in the website.

If you have changed your residence, or your name and number does not appear  in the voters' list, you will have to register as a new voter, following all the procedures given in the website.