Considering only the company and job profile and not affiliating it to anything else is the main reason you feel let down. Here are five factors you need to consider to feel good at work and select the right job which keeps you happy for quite some time.



1)    Personal life

Yes, personal life and facts attached to it are very important when you are considering a new job. You might get paid a whopping amount of salary. But if you have constant shift changes, travels based on the job, etc. will have to be considered. You should either prepare the family members to this scenario and then proceed or choose a job which will not make your life stressful, and you do not have to struggle to balance between the family time and job satisfaction.


2)    Resources

One of the considerations in making a career transition is to take a close look at the practicality of making a move. Resources include support people, available money, physical space, networking groups, your personal agility and ability to learn. Just see if all this suits your job profile.


3)    Principles and your life goal

This is what you believe and want to achieve in life. Even a huge sum of money will not keep you happy for a long time if what you do is against your conscience and dreams. Don’t get carried away by the offers, take a willful decision while joining a new job.



4)    Area of growth

The job profiles and reputation of the company might elude you to join the company. But don’t take an immediate decision. See if you have a scope to grow there. Constantly doing the same thing without any promotion or change in your role will make you feel stagnant. This will affect your job satisfaction.


5)    Resume, preferences

Yes, this is the last thing you should prepare with care. Prepare your CV according to your preferences. Do not twist and turn your resume’ according to the taste of the company but try convincing them with the skills you have. Know your preferences and strengths well before you form the CV.