Work from home has become one of the ways to ensure that work gets done even when an employee is not physically present in the office. Many workplaces these days offer this option because of the nature of their job and sometimes people voluntarily opt for it. 

However, work from home option also has its own challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with productivity. It is often seen that many employees suffer to keep up with their productivity and deliver work on time while working from home. 

But, few tips can help employees who have opted for work from home to keep up their productivity. 

1.    Timetable: Creating a timetable is important to ensure better workflow and avoid distractions. If the employee manages a schedule, he or she will know where they are lagging behind and how to manage their daily routine of work – professional or domestic. 

2.    Set up a working place: A personal workstation is necessary to set the mindset for work. A comfortable, cozy place in the home is always a distraction. This is very similar to the concept of study table; one find it easier to concentrate on study table rather than on the bed, couch or any other area of the house. 

3.    Work hours: Though many consider that work from home means working as per convenience but defining work hour is important. This way the employee will know by what time one has to get over from other activities at home to be free to work. 

4.    Staying in touch with other professionals: Isolation is one of the drawbacks of working from home. So, networking is important to keep in touch with professional set up and office like feeling. Networking can also open more avenues to gain from. 

5.    Right tools of work: Connectivity, communication, sharing work details, staying updated with the latest developments requires the right tools. If one is working with a team or for clients then right tools to share work progress is a must.