The Saudi Arabia is offering an amnesty period of 90 days, and thousands of Indian workers stranded in this country will be able to return home. These workers include those who travelled illegally and the ones who overstayed their visas. 

The most numbers of workers are from Tamil Nadu – as many as 1500 blue collar workers who will be availing this scheme, followed by the workers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, reported a leading national daily. 

Till May 1 evening, 20321 Indian nationals applied for returning home, the Times of India quoted Counsellor (community welfare) at the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia, Anil Nautiyal as stating. 

The Saudi Arabian government had also set up exclusive centre for Indian nationals in Riyadh to facilitate their wish to head back to India, Nautiyal further added. The government is offering one-way travel documents in the absence of passports and free of charge exit visas. Those willing to avail this pass will just have to bear the cost of flight. 

The Indian embassy in Saudi has also appealed to Indian staying there illegally to take advantage of this chance to exit the country. To complete the process, volunteers are assisting officials of the Indian embassy, and temporary tents have been set in the embassy office and Consulate to help Indians willing to come back.