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World Hepatitis Day 2022: Here are common cause of Hepatitis among children

Did you know, Hepatitis is likely the cause of the outbreak in children found? We spoke to Dr. Anurag Shetty, Consultant - Medical Gastroenterology, KMC Hospital, Dr. B.R Ambedkar Road, Mangalore, where he explained to us how to spot symptoms and more

World Hepatitis Day 2022: Here are common cause of Hepatitis among children RBA
Bangalore, First Published Jul 28, 2022, 11:45 AM IST

Hepatitis is liver inflammation resulting from various causes, both contagious and non-infectious. Causes include certain medicines, toxins etc. In some cases, Hepatitis results from an autoimmune response directed against the body's liver cells.  

The common cause of Hepatitis among children 
There are numerous viruses able to change how our liver functions. For this reason, they’re acknowledged together as hepatitis viruses or hepatotropic viruses. They correspond to viruses A, B, C, D, or delta and E. Hepatitis A is the most common cause of Hepatitis in children. However, due to the wide availability of vaccines against Hepatitis A, the frequency of hepatitis A in children is slowly decreasing.


Other less frequent viral causes of Hepatitis include HSV, CMV, EBV etc. Nowadays, we are encountering cases of Hepatitis secondary to COVID 19 infection. Also, recent reports of outbreaks of Acute Hepatitis worldwide have been linked to the common adenovirus. 

Other non-infectious causes of Hepatitis seen in children include Wilson disease, Autoimmune liver diseases etc

Acute Hepatitis Symptoms Among children 
In its early stages, symptoms are trivial and nonspecific, making diagnosis unlikely. Early clinical manifestations include the following:

A lack of appetite, low-grade Fever, Fatigue, Lethargy, Muscular and abdominal pain, Nausea and vomiting, etc. Occasionally acute Hepatitis can progress to acute liver failure. With progression, children may develop jaundice and dark-coloured urine.

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Acute Hepatitis is usually diagnosed by a clinical picture in combination with blood tests and ultrasound. Very occasionally, liver biopsies may be required if the cause of the Hepatitis is not made out with blood tests etc and the disease is progressing rapidly.

Treatment and Preventative measure: 
The mainstay of treatment for acute Hepatitis is supportive with treatment directed at the symptoms and liver protective medications. Sometimes treatment directed against the cause of Hepatitis is given when available.

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The primary route of spreading acute hepatitis A is through fecally contaminated water and food; safe hygienic practices can prevent the spread of virus. Vaccines are now available against hepatitis A and B, preventing their spread.

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