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Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions for October 24 to October 30

Renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla predicts what is in store this week for all Zodiac signs as per his reading of Tarot Cards. Here is his Tarot prediction for October 24 to October 30.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading Predictions for October 24 to October 30 gcw
First Published Oct 24, 2022, 2:30 AM IST

Ganesha says financial status has to be taken care of more than other things. Whether the steps taken to strengthen your financial side are right or wrong, they need to be properly
monitored. As much as you are focusing on increasing the financial flow, you have to focus on investing as well. Start trying to think about a big purchase now. There is a need to work optimally by using all available information related to the job. Having only thoughts related to love relationship can increase mental stress.
Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious number:- 6

Ganesha says changes will be seen in personal life due to family members. It is possible to proceed with work related to an important document. People connected with government work have to pay proper attention to every little thing. Legal problems are likely to arise. Make sure you don't make any mistakes. People associated with family business may experience stress. Do not take any kind of decision without taking the consent of the family members. The problem of cold and cough is increasing in the elderly.
Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious Number:- 8

Ganesha says thinking about old things can make you feel nostalgic. Instead of thinking about the missed opportunity, you need to focus on the future. You have the ability to mentally overcome the discomfort you feel. Try to get out of limiting thoughts. Due to both increasing stress related to career and expectations of people, work will not get focus. Some things related to the relationship you are considering will become clear in the coming days. The effect of growing depression in the mind will be seen on your lifestyle and health.
Auspicious colour:- Saffron
Auspicious Number:- 1

Ganesha says one will try to keep oneself away from unnecessary things due to work load. It is important for you to have the support of chosen people. For now, just focus on the goal. Life may seem hectic, but you are moving your life in the right direction, so keep working hard. The change you were waiting for in career will appear in the next few days. It will be possible to fix the love relationship on the strength of your will power. Take care that increasing busyness in life does not affect health.
Auspicious Color:- Blue
Auspicious number:- 2

Ganesha says a decision taken regarding travel can prove to be beneficial for you. Try to give some time to family members. Apart from work, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to other things related to life. Keep in mind that emotional matters are being neglected while fulfilling your duties and responsibilities. There will be an opportunity to work abroad but if you are not mentally ready then don't accept now. There will be ups and downs with family members and spouse. Children's immunity will be affected.
Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious number:- 4

Ganesha says not sharing your thoughts with others can make you feel a little uninterested. At present you will be trying to find solutions to your problems on your own. Investment related to money seems to be happening in a big way. Every effort you make to improve your life will prove valuable to you. Try to focus on the training you are getting. Due to many works done with restraint, the partner's trust will be as much as possible. You will feel physically weak.
Auspicious Color: Red
Auspicious number:- 7

Ganesha says apart from the financial side, it will be necessary to pay attention to other aspects of life. Unless you connect with people in a mental form, it will be difficult to understand the problem related to the relationship. They have to give time to understand the needs of family members. Keep in mind that growing depression on your mind should not affect other people's behavior. The work related stress that was being felt will go away in two-three days. Pay attention to the advice you are getting from the partner. Stomach related infection is likely.
Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious number:- 3

Ganesha says you are weakening yourself by thinking about both the emotional pain and the pain over which you have no control. Try to forget the bitter things people say and do your duty. It may just take time to explain your situation to everyone. Decisions taken for higher education will change. Matters related to job and money need attention. Your partner may try to pressure you. There will be a sudden increase in sugar related problems.
Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious number:- 5

Sagittarius:- PAGE OF CUPS
Ganesha says a chance can give life a new direction. You have to maintain focus in your work. Avoid unnecessary politics. Focus on every career related opportunity. Partner's nature and behavior will soon change. Allergy related problems are likely.
Auspicious Color:- Blue
Auspicious number:- 2

Ganesha says even if the situation is in your favor, you may lose the opportunity due to laziness. Spend time with friends, but be careful not to waste your precious time. You need to prioritize each type of work. People connected with business will have to increase discipline related to work. Partner will try to understand and fulfill his responsibilities. There may be a feeling of stiffness in the back.
Auspicious Color :- Grey
Auspicious number:- 9

Ganesha says important documents and valuables will need to be handled properly. There is apossibility of theft. Take care of your health while travelling. While doing any kind of work, one  should try to start the work with full enthusiasm and positive manner. Interest related to teaching will begin to decrease due to students' attention to other things. Decide to what extent you should trust your partner according to the situation. Sudden weight gain can occur due to wrong diet.
Auspicious Color:- Purple
Auspicious number:- 5

Ganesha says moving forward without considering the consequences of your decision will prove to be very painful for you. Every type of decision you are trying to implement will require taking responsibility for it. People won't get instant support because of the changes you make. Make a career plan keeping in mind money related goals. Relationship may break due to partner's false accusation. Gas and indigestion problems will increase.
Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious Number:- 8

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