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Want people to respect you? Here are 5 psychological tricks you can use

Respect can play a crucial part in both your personal life and your professional life. Here are some psychological tricks you can follow to gain more respect.  

Want people to respect you? Here are 5 psychological tricks you can use SUR
First Published Sep 14, 2022, 1:37 PM IST

You cannot demand or command respect, but you can surely earn it. There are also some psychological tricks that you can use to make others respect you. These 5 tricks can help you at work, among your friends, and at gatherings. Please make a note of it! 

Respecting time - respecting your own time should always be your priority. You should make others know how precious your time is to you. This will make people respect you. When you tell someone that you will not be available for a given period and still decide to respond to them during that period, they will tend to take you for granted and you will lose your value. 

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Confidence and strong speech - being confident and having a solid speech can always set an impression on others. Delivering your sentences powerfully with confidence tends to create a more substantial impact on people, which can make a huge difference in how people treat you. 

Sticking to your values -  people tend to adjust their values to please someone else, as per the situation. This may lead to people being disrespectful of you. It is always important to stick to your value no matter the situation. 

Confidence is key - when you walk into a room, people must think you are the most confident person in the room; you can always boost your confidence by how you dress or the posture in which you walk and sit. This creates an impression on others, and people will be more respectful. 

Priorities yourself -  in any given situation, it is always important to provide yourself with importance, whether in a workspace or in an emotional way. This gives the impression that you do not seek validation from others and can make people more respectful of you. 

Follow these tricks and see the changes you will notice in how people treat you.

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