The trend of entrepreneurship is going on for ages. The only positive change is that the younger generation has become smarter with their choices. Suraj Soni, a Rajkot-based guy realized the need to get into the business world and not work under somebody else. He is 21 and is successfully running a gold and jewellery business in Rajkot. Since school, he was a curious kid and had a flair for creativity. At a very young age, he was fascinated by how business is done and later stepped into it. 

Blessed with great communication skills, he is also an orator and motivational speaker. “I remember during school, how much I loved taking part in elocution and debate competitions. I also had a curious mind to know what, where and how of every minute thing”, said Suraj. At an age when his friends were busy on social media platforms and playing computer games, this young kid utilized his time watching motivational content over the web. He always tried finding the answer on how to become a successful businessman. 

Calling his father as his role model, Suraj said, “I have seen him start from the bottom and build a successful business. At this time, if I start, it will probably take me years to build anything from scratch. In the last few years, I have learnt how he runs the business right from dealing with the clients to providing quality products with the best quality services.” Apart from this, he also loves to watch inspirational videos of Sandeep Maheshwari and hopes to create such videos in the future.

A part-time motivational speaker, Suraj is planning to start his own YouTube channel where he plans to share success stories of India’s influential personalities. With people like Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Sundar Pichai and Ratan Tata who are from different walks of life, Soni plans to make motivational videos on their life stories which will be up on his YouTube channel. Besides this, Suraj Soni also dreams to deliver a speech at TEDx in the future. We wish this young boy best of luck for his future aspirations and may his desires turn into reality.