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Prevention is better than cure -5 steps that can help you prevent diabetes

Many young people are affected by diabetes. There can be many reasons for this. To avoid diabetes, you can start by making small changes in your lifestyle.  

Prevention is better than cure -5 steps that can help you prevent diabetes SUR
First Published Sep 16, 2022, 4:04 PM IST

We must be conscious of what we eat when we look at our food plate, which looks colourful, so identify your proteins, vitamins, carb and fibres. Begin your meal by eating fibre and protein first as they have a low glycemic index and act as a Lining in the Gut, which helps in slowing down the release of sugar from the carbs into our bloodstream

Insulin resistance can be determined using different methods like the HBA1C test for blood. The signs like Frequent or increased urination,  darker skin tone in some areas of our body ( like the chin, armpits, back of neck etc.), severe drop in energy levels after Lunch, craving for food even after a hearty meal, and feeling of chillness these are some of the offend noticed symptoms which may be the reason for causing chronic inflammation which damages our internal organs.

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The four main pillars of healthy nutrition are Food, Sleep, stress, and physical activity must be given importance as they are significant to maintain a balanced body the four pillars are the key which works on our body naturally, so prioritise them.

Here are some tips for you by renowned Nutritionist Ishti Saluja on how we can prevent diabetes in the coming years.

Move your body: The Pancreas must produce insulin to move sugar from the bloodstream into the blood cells when the body develops insulin resistance which is the leading cause of diabetes. Cell's insulin sensitivity can reduce insulin requirements so your body can be balanced. Regular exercise helps our body. You can try activities like swimming, yoga, running and strength training. 

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Get enough sleep: It is important to get sleep; it helps your body regenerate. Sleep time is significant for your body to rest the hormones and charge the numerous functions like indicating when you are hungry or full, .protecting you from infections, processing insulin and many more. It is crucial to have a relaxed body and mind. 

Control your stress: Everyone faces stress daily, especially in this fast-moving world. When stress hits, your body goes into ‘fight or flight mode. This affects your body's essential functions, such as digestion, muscular recovery and sleep. The body cannot distinguish between the types of pressure, and it reacts similarly. It converts the extra energy to sorted fat in the body, which results in diabetes.   

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Healthy diet: you should limit the consumption of carbs. Foods with high GI can raise blood pressure which can lead to inflammation in your body and decreases energy in your body. It is crucial to have a balanced diet by controlling your portions, and you can add protein and food fats to your meal. Your focus should be on consuming fibre and carbs, as it helps the digestive system, weight and blood sugar levels. Here it can help in controlling your sugar levels.

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