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4 reasons why including almonds in your daily diet is an absolute must

If you are non-allergic to almonds, you must include them in your daily diet to see considerable health benefits. According to Nutritionist Karishma Shah, including them in your meals is a must. Read on to find out what they are. 

4 reasons why including almonds in your daily diet is an absolute must sur
First Published Nov 24, 2022, 8:00 AM IST

Almonds offer many health benefits, from reducing cholesterol to regulating blood pressure levels. Nutritionist Karishma Shah recently shared an Instagram post about why we should eat these nuts daily. Mentioning that many people find eating almonds daunting because of their high-fat content, she told people not to avoid it. Karishma mentioned that “two-thirds of this fat is good for you.” She added that almonds are the best addition to any diet if you are not allergic to almonds. Here are some surprising health benefits of almonds, which may inspire you to add them to your diet.

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Cholesterol Control: Karishma claims that almonds are proven to have high levels of Vitamin E in red blood cells. The antioxidants in them can prevent your cells from getting clogged and cholesterol formed.

Excellent for the heart: People who eat almonds regularly have more antioxidants than those who don’t consume them. These antioxidants help in improving blood circulation and decreasing blood pressure. She also mentioned that according to research, Mediterranean diets, which have a lot of nuts, are highly beneficial to our health.

Regulates blood sugar: Almonds also help maintain and control blood sugar levels. Almonds have a high magnesium content which helps develop insulin resistance in our body. Hence if you are a diabetes patient, you should start consuming almonds.

Controls blood pressure levels: The leading cause of high blood pressure is caused due to low magnesium in your body, which increases the risks of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. Since almonds are known as the powerhouse of magnesium, which helps manage blood pressure effectively.

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