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5 ways the world could end on December 31

  • Prepare, for the end is near
  • This time certainly we can see the end of the year
  • Unlike earlier failed doomsday predictions
why december 31 2016 is the day when the world will come to an end
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A freak asteroid attack


asteroid attack on December 31 Do not be like the dinosaurs, pay attention.


We have been waiting for this one. So now you might as well get ready. You don’t want to be like the dinosaurs, who got wiped out of the face of the Earth because they did not see the asteroid coming billions of years ago. Even NASA cannot control this one. Earth isn’t strong to handle it. Our defences have depleted, ozone layer thinning down rapidly, remember? So if the asteroid of doom is already headed our way then all we can do is sit in our rooms, enjoy a good meal or two and wait for the all obliterating impact of the ball of death.


All the volcanoes of the world unite


Volcanic eruption on December 31 A fiery end awaits us.


Imagine our end, quite a fiery one for that matter. A catastrophically violent eruption from the bowels of the earth is enough to send the world into mass extinction. We kid you not. What if this time the volcanoes had synced their eruptions to December 31, 2016. You never know. Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull, Barren Island’s Volcano near India, the Yellowstone National Park and probably they might even surprise us with dormant volcanoes joining the eruptions. I, personally, wouldn’t wish for this one.


Tsunami of doom


tsunami of doom December 31, might send us to our watery graves.


December in India has been reserved for tsunamis and cyclones, or so says the geological data. Anyway the human and environment report card for the year 2016 has not been good. Natural disasters have claimed a lot of lives and yet we have not stopped sand mining, soil erosion, choking up rivers, deforestation or pollution. So in case the Tsunami of doom comes knocking, where will be our first line of defences? Gone? Now, we have only ourselves to blame if the world ends tomorrow and we are all washed out by one giant wave. There will not be even wood enough to make a boat, if you are thinking about escaping like Noah’s Ark.


Bible says so

biblical predictions to the end of the world Some enthusiastic interpretation of the Holy Bible


According to a report in the Express UK, a Christian computer scientist called Nora Roth has by analysing the book of Daniel allegedly predicted its curtains for us tomorrow. After looking at Bible passages and examining "God’s clocks of the sevens" based on the so-called “sevens” prophecy, Roth claims “everlasting righteousness will be brought in” and Earth will be “left to rest” for a millennium. Oh, well. We have all earned a well-deserved rest haven’t we? No office for me on Monday!


Flipping polars or Polar shift


polar ice shift Scientific end to December 31 - upside down


Biblical Armageddons are a favourite pastime of the masses. Here’s another one from that crowd. Hah! This is a new one for most, isn’t it? The group End Times Prophesies had predicted an end due to a polar shift on July 29 this year. Sadly, they miscalculated. December 31 is what they had wanted to say.  According to science, the polar shift is a geomagnetic phenomenon where the invisible magnetic North Pole of our planet slowly moves north because of shifting liquid iron in the Earth’s core. Scientists have proven the Earth undergoes a full geomagnetic reversal about every 780,000 years. Now you know we have something to be worried about.


Earlier end of the worlds we have lived through:

  • The Mayan apocalypse: December 21, 2012, marked the end of the first “Great Cycle” of the Maya Long Count calendar.
  • Y2K, January 1, 2000: When computers were thought to bring about last day of earth, since they were not calibrated to understand difference in 1900 and 2000 dates
  • The approach of Halley’s Comet which was supposed to wipe out the earth in 1910


We expect more such false predictions to continue in the future. See you on the other side of 2016


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