So you got fired from your job. Again. Wondering what went wrong?

Apart from the times you decided to be a smart mouth with your boss or the times you decided it was my way or the highway…chances are the zodiac you come under may have had something to do with it. While we don’t claim that only people with these sun signs are fired, they definitely possess traits that can put them in the firing range. Professional success and failures defers from individual to individual depending  irrespective of zodiac signs.

So maybe, the next time you find yourself in the firing range just blame it on your zodiac sign…


Highly imaginative and creative which sometimes makes it difficult to conform to conventional standards of professional behaviour. A Piscean tends to be drifter and takes offense quite easily. Their logic can be confusing to understand and their introvertive nature can lead them to taking many off days, another pain point for the employer. Cannot work in a closeted work environment and will be barely contributing if asked to in such cases. Needless to say, these are reasons enough to get you fired.


Following orders for a Leo is often a bitter pill to swallow. And needless to say this can be the one factor needed to get a person fired. An attention-seeker, a Leo employee looks for appreciation and recognition and instead of doing the job themselves they will smartly get it done by others- master delegators. Will trumpet about their achievements and make life miserable for co-workers, is willing to hand out advice to anyone and everyone. Accompanied by occasional spells of laziness, the Lion could be asked to leave the pride when it comes to cutting down.


The RAM is stubborn to say the least. An Aries employee can either be a boon to a company or a severe headache to you. That’s what a killer combination of ego and enthusiasm can do. People with such zodiac signs are difficult to be tamed and cannot be pushed into a corner. With the constant energy in them, they tend to rush into every new project headlong  and want to get it out the way and that includes stepping on other people’s toes and refusing boss’ orders. Such employees lose interest in work very quickly as well and cannot settle for a regimented 9-5 job. Their lack of enthusiasm and at times insubordination are some traits that can get them fired.


Because of their determination they make themselves indispensable in any organisation but along with comes their hunger for power. So colleagues will not blink an eye before shoving a Scorpio under the bus because they are so sure of their work and unwilling to compromise and can be perceived as a threat because of their overbearing behaviour. Not to mention the scorpion capacity for revenge if wronged is legendary and Scorpios can make very bitter work enemies.


Born between May 21st and June 21st, Geminis are absolutely dynamic and intelligent people. However. For  Gemini employees, they can be  unpredictable, restless and impatient. They are also masters in the art of communication and can be quite persuasive and can sometimes talk their way into trouble. Also they can’t tolerate being pushed around by superiors, especially if they consider themselves as capable as the team leader . Their restlessness can also mean not sticking to a project till the end and this habit may often see them as non performers and fit for firing.