1. Neem:      

This plant right from its bark and leaves has numerous benefits. You can read about it here


2. Cardamon:    

This spice is said to be a unifer – as it balances the three doshas well  - vata, pitta and kapah. It is good for those suffering from bloating, nausea, and acidity among others.

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3. Ashwagandha:  Also called as the Indian Gingseng, this yellow flower has a horse-like smell. Smell aside, this herb is said to rejuvenate properties. It’s often used for boosting immunity and helpful for those suffering from insomnia.


4. Amlakai:    

Known as the gooseberry, this tart fruit has numerous benefits like being an antioxidant, aids in a healthy immune system and so on.




Better known as cloves, lavanga helps those with sinus issues, morning sickness and even is a great stress reliever.