Nipah virus is under control, there are no cases reported for the past four days. 17 people have died due to the Nipah infection, so far in Kerala. Two patients affected the infection are recovering. Nipah virus had sent Keralites into a panic situation for the past days. But the latest news that no new cases have been reported in for the four consecutive days is making the people confident of going about their usual routine, including work.

Meanwhile, the Center has issued an alert to all the states in the wake of the Nipah virus to postpone the re-opening of schools. The schools in Malappuram district and Kozhikode district (Kerala) will re-open on June 12. 

However, samples from Goa, Telangana, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh were not tested positive for Nipah Virus. However, the high alert has been issued in these states. The samples of rabbits which were sent to test centres have also resulted in negative.