Mishel, who left her hostel on March 5 to attend the evening mass at Kaloor church, was found dead in the Kochi lake the next day. Cronin, who was arrested for abetment of suicide, had made several calls and sent dozens of text messages to her on the day she went missing.


"I have made a decision. You will know about it on Monday," Mishel had told Cronin in their last conversation on March 5.


Cronin had earlier admitted to the police that the relationship was going through a tough patch, while a friend of Mishel told the police she had seen Cronin hitting the girl once.


The police believe Mishel committed suicide due to the trauma caused by her relationship with Cronin.


The police had acquired two CCTV videos of Mishel walking hurriedly towards the Goshree bridge, while an eyewitness also claims to have seen her on the bridge.


However, a question remains. If Mishel had planned her suicide in advance, why would she choose a place so crowded like Goshree bridge?


The Crime Branch, who are now in charge, suspect that there might have been an incident of provocation that lead her take the extreme step a day early.


In a surveillance footage captured at the Kaloor church, Mishel can be seen turning around suddenly and walking in the opposite direction.


The Crime Branch are looking at whether Cronin sent any of his friends to pacify Mishel and things went south.


Meanwhile, Mishel's cell phone and bag are yet to be recovered.