After Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan justified the police action against Jishnu Pranoy's mother, the youth's old Facebook post praising the CM has found the limelight.


Jishnu was a staunch believer in communism and an ardent Pinarayi supporter. The youth's post hailing Pinarayi days before he took office as the CM last year speaks volumes about how much he believed in the CPM leader and his ideology.


Also, Jishnu's sister revealed that last year the young comrade had showed the family Pinarayi's photo as ‘Vishu kani’, wishing them a prosperous year ahead. Fast forward a year, and the same family is awaiting justice three months after Jishnu's death.



News reports showed police personnel dragging the protesters including Jishnu's mother Mahija away at the police headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday. Jishnu's relatives alleged Mahija was also assaulted by the police during the face-off. She was hospitalised later.


The police department came under fire for their actions, with CPM supporters across the state also expressing their outrage. However, the CM came out defending the police, saying they were doing their duty. Pinarayi also said he won't be meeting Mahija.


Jishnu, a first-year student at the Nehru College of Engineering in Pampady, was found hanging in the college hostel's bathroom in January.