Around 63.8 per cent polling was recorded at Chengannur bypoll by 4 PM. The voter turnout saw a drop after heavy rains lashed out most places of Chengannur. The last recorded turnout was 74 percent. The candidates have expressed hope that more people will come out to vote this time. 

This year several hurdles were reported in Chenagannur election. Heavy rains in the morning were responsible for the slow pace of voting. However, by afternoon people were seen struggling to reach the polling booths.

Technical problem was reported in six voting machines where the voters had to return empty handed after waiting for their turn despite rains. Reportedly, the voting machines have still not been repaired nor replaced. 

Voters said that they waited in the polling stations for hours with the hope the voting machines will be repaired, but nothing happened, so they were returning home. 

Some others said that if the voting machines are fixed, they will try to return to the polling booths and cast their franchise. Some even complained that the machines are not being repaired purposely as some people do not want elections to be held smoothly.