Scams pertaining to the BBMP administration are getting murkier by the day. Now, a single Rs 1,000 bus pass seems to have cost the BBMP Rs 40,000, courtesy of the BBMP accounts department's failure. 

According to an RTI application, the State Audit Report has said that in the BBMP, the same bus pass number was used to make fake bills worth Rs 40,000. 

The incident had taken place in 2014-2015, and the same was recorded in the chief accounts officer's BBMP report. According to Veersh, a retired bank employee and RTI activist, the report given to State Audit Department by BBMP, was verified and in the report, the anomalies regarding the swindling through bus pass for BBMP employees was brought to notice.

“Money worth Rs 40,000 was shown for one single bus pass. For one pass, it will cost Rs 1,000, but the officials have used the same bus pass number and made the bill amount to Rs 40,000.  I have complained to all the BBMP authorities - including the present Accounts Department Chairperson in BBMP, but not a single response has come. I will wait for their replies and then will take the case to the next level and will also approach Lokayukta,” he said.

Netra Narayan, Chairperson of the BBMP Accounts Department, says, she has already informed the administration department and chief account officer about the case and asked them to give a detailed report.

“The BBMP administration will be spoiled by such incidents. I will get the case file and will evaluate in detail. The person who is responsible for giving out bus passes in the BBMP will also be summoned. If the allegations are proved, I will take up the matter in BBMP council and get the official suspended,” she said.

BBMP Mayor G Padmavathi, who is also aware of the report, expressed concern over the scam and says the total number of bus passes given to its employees will be scrutinised and should be checked.