Bengaluru: The incident of Challenging Star and the accident case is getting murkier with new twists. There is confusion about the number of people, who were travelling inside the car during the accident.

Actor Darshan is being treated in Columbia Asia Hospital in Mysuru for fractured hand. Initial reports had said that Darshan, along with actors Devaraj and his son Prajwal, were inside the car and that Darshan was driving the car when the mishap occurred.

But after a while, there were reports that Roy Antony was driving the car, thus increasing the number to 4. The First Information Report also mentions four - Darshan, Roy Antony, Devaraj and Prajwal.

The Mysuru city police commissioner has mentioned that five people were inside the car. But there is no information about the fifth person, apart from those mentioned in the FIR.

However, another report, Medico Legal Certificate (MLC), mentions six people including Prakash and Vinay Shankar.

There is no clarification in the number of people involved in the accident.

Darshan's Audi car rammed against a pole on the outer ring road in north Mysuru in the wee hours of Monday (September 10). The actor along with other celebrities were said to be returning from a private party on the occasion of veteran actor Devaraj's birthday.

 Meanwhile, Darshan is recovering and has been asked not to hit the gym nor lift any heavy equipment for one year. The plate fixed on the hand will be removed after two years.