Geetha Vishnu case: Trouble for actor Devaraj's younger son as police summon him in accident case

First Published 3, Oct 2017, 10:54 AM IST
Trouble for actor Devarajs younger son as police summon him in accident case
  • Sandalwood actor Prajwal Devaraj's younger brother Pranam Devaraj gets notice by the police
  • The police are expected to review actor Diganth's mobile phone
  • Geetha Vishnu, the accused, is absconding and the police have launched a manhunt

After actor Prajwal Devaraj, now his younger brother Pranam Devaraj's name is being dragged into the accident case involving Geetha Vishnu, grandson of liquor baron and former MP Late Adikeshavalu. While Prajwal had denied these rumours, his brother has been issued notice by the Jayanagar police.

It may be recalled here that Geetha Vishnu had rammed his high-end vehicle to a Maruti Omni at Jayanagar injuring six passengers in the car, recently. The police arrested him and found ganja worth crores of rupees in his car. While Geta Vishnu is absconding, the police have issued summons to Pranam Devaraj and five others - Adi Srinivas (brother of Geetha Vishnu), Shashank, Faizal, Jinod and Vinod.

Pranam Devaraj along with Faizal and Jinod had partied till late night at the Eden Park Hotel, owned by accused Geetha Vishnu's father on the 10th main road, 36th Cross on September 27. Later, they left for their homes in their own vehicles, reports Kannada Prabha.

But Vishnu had reportedly left his mobile phone at the hotel, so he decided to return to the hotel. However, as he was speeding, he rammed into a Maruti Omni. It is alleged that Geetha Vishnu was on a high with liquor and drugs when the accident occurred. As he rammed the vehicle, the passengers in the car pulled Geetha Vishnu and his friends out and thrashed them black and blue. Vishnu reportedly called up Pranam Devaraj who was on his way home to help him.

The bystanders who saw Pranam Devaraj mistook him to be his actor-brother Prajwal Devaraj. However, the police have clarified that it was Pranam who rushed to Geetha Vishnu's help.

Reacting to the reports, Pranam Devaraj told Kannada Prabha that "I have nothing to do with Geetha Vishnu's car accident. Police have summoned me, and I have registered my statement before the police." "It's true that we all had food together in the hotel. But did not consume liquor. I rushed to the accident spot after Vishnu called me. Is it wrong to help when your friend meets with an accident? It is unnecessary to drag my brother's name into it," reports Kannada Prabha quoting Pranam.

Meanwhile, actor Diganth Manchale has denied rumours of receiving any notice from the police. It is alleged that Diganth too had partied at the Eden Park hotel on the same night and the police are expected to review his mobile phone.